Where It All Started

This is a Bible based lifestyle program created with you in mind. All the gifts of health we use in this program come directly from the Bible (Genesis chapters 1 & 2). The very beginning is a very good place to start, don’t you think?

When I think of beginnings my mind drifts back to the time when I was expecting my first child. How excited expectant parents are! They begin to make extensive plans for their home, creating a special room for this new little one. Mom starts closely watching what she eats, drinks, and the way she takes care of her body. Dad thinks much more seriously about his work, putting money away for his “new family.” A great deal of energy and focus goes into all the preparation. When the day comes and that special little someone is born, Mom puts her gentle hands, and Dad his big strong arms, around that helpless little being. Suddenly they realize this little one was worth all their time, money, and effort. They will spend the rest of their lives working to keep this child safe, healthy, and happy.

On a similar note, I’d like to take you back in time with me to the beginning of everything—back to Genesis. The whole family in heaven was extremely excited. The Creator was planning to add new members to the family. He wanted to create special kind of beings, ones like Himself. The Creator wanted them to talk like Him, look like Him, and to love like Him. He knew what these new family members would need to function properly and to be happy. Life began in the Garden of Eden. Similarly, each of our lives ends in a garden—Earth. In this way we realize that we are all part of nature and made in the image of our Creator.

This short introduction to my lifestyle program, Creator’s Original Design Education (CODE), will open a new life view to you. As you click through the days of creation on the picture panels below, you will discover what gifts we have been given as each day was created. Every day provides a refreshing look at the awesome facts and laws that underline the Creator’s wisdom as it is portrayed through nature. In the 7 days of creation He unfolded a health plan that provides us with everything we need to live healthfully and intelligently.