The Laws of the Universe:

The Laws of the UniverseOur Creator has given us laws to guide us, from the very first day of creation. These laws govern our whole existence and the whole universe. We cannot break these laws without ill effect. They are weaved into our very existence. If we violate them, they break us. A simple example of this is the law of gravity. If you jump out of a 12-story apartment window you are going to fall downwards. You can’t break this law, but it can break you! It’s a law of the Creator; it’s a law of the universe. So it is with God’s laws and the laws of the creation week. In essence they are really promises of His goodness and love. If we pay attention to them, we are healthy and happy. If we study them and—with the Creator’s help—put them into practice, we will be in harmony with nature and nature’s God. Just as the Word of God tells us that sin is because of the breaking of the Commandments, so ruined health is because of the breaking of the natural laws given at creation. Sadly, many of these health laws are broken in ignorance, or through genetics, or by inheritance. Most often we simply have come so far from our Creator’s gifts that we don’t even realize what is happening to us.