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The thyroid is responsible for hormones that affect mood, improve circulation, increase metabolism, retain calcium, affect cardiovascular health, improve tolerance to temperature fluctuations, minimize body fat, reduce the tendency for obesity, minimize menstrual disturbances, improve energy, reduce the dryness of skin and hair, and reduce premature hair loss [1-3].   Yet thyroid problems are very common [2].

Unfortunately, medical interventions are often incomplete as blood tests often do not recognize certain forms of hypothyroidism [2,3].  Furthermore, even when found medically, most medical interventions are limited to the prescribing of synthetic T4 (levothyroxine), which tends to shut the thyroid down [4], and thus possibly increasing the tendency for osteoporosis [3-5], as well as sometimes increasing mood problems and some other symptoms associated with low thyroid function.

Vegetarian Thyro is a 100% vegan Food supplement intended to nutritionally support the thyroid and improve metabolism.  Vegetarian Thyro is basically Food intended for thyroid gland. If additional endocrine support is indicated, consider adding Vegetarian Adrenal or Vegetarian Tyrosine.

Burdock Root has long been used to support the thyroid nutritionally [6].  It is sometimes used in products that are given to people who take synthetic thyroid medicines [6].

Carrots contain a variety of carotenoids, which is a vitamin A precursor.  Low levels of vitamin A are associated with increased risk of thyroid goiters and deficiencies affect thyroid metabolism [7].  “[A] decade-long Harvard study indicat[ed] that by getting 50 milligrams of carotenoids in every other day…significantly reduce[d] the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cataracts” [8].

Dong Quai has long been used to support the thyroid nutritionally [6].  It is sometimes used in products that are given to people who take synthetic thyroid medicines [6].

Folate forms have long been used to support the thyroid nutritionally [6].  It is sometimes used in products that are given to people who take synthetic thyroid medicines [6].  Additionally, it has been reported that deficiencies of folate have been found in those with inadequate production of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) [9].

Iodine can be properly called THE THYROID mineral since the body’s sole use of the mineral iodine is for the thyroid to make thyroid hormones (T1,T2,T3, & T4) [1,5,8].  The primary thyroid hormone (T1) is called monoiodotyrosine, which means it needs iodine and tyrosine [5].  It gets converted to T2 with the addition of more iodine, then to T3 with more iodine then to T4 with even more iodine.  Iodine is naturally contained in Foods such as kelp and other sea vegetables [10].

Irish Moss Chondrus crispus contains humic and fulvic acids (FAs) which increase the solubility of toxic metals [11],  thus it is sometimes used to detoxify.  Detoxification can be an issue with thyroid health as some believe that substances like chloride and fluoride can bind with the thyroid and interfere with iodine absorption.  “Irish moss and Kelp combination is used to balance hormonal indeficiency especially in the thyroid gland.  It increases the metabolic rate, thyroid activity, and the detoxifying function of the body.  The herbs {also} supply trace minerals…[and] is commonly used in conjunction with…the complex of B vitamins, vitamin A,…and zinc” [12] .

Kelp is a Food  source of trace minerals, and an excellent source of iodine [10].  Kelp has long been used (since 3000 B.C.) to provide nutritional support for the thyroid gland [8,13]. Gary Null, Ph.D., has written, “Kelp can rebalance thyroid metabolism, resulting in successful weight management and the reversal of many conditions which are caused by a thyroid imbalance, including stomach and respiratory disorders” [13].

L-tyrosine an amino acid required for the production of thyroid hormones, T1,T2,T3, and T4 [5].  Tyrosine may reduce the net rate of protein breakdown in the body and appears to help with endurance [14].  Tyrosine has an effect nerve impulse transmission and may “improve vigilance and lessen anxiety” [17]. Gary Null (Ph.D.) considers tyrosine to  be  a  therapeutic amino acid for depression as well was an antiencephalopathic, antiparkinsonian, and an
antidepressant [16].  Women on oral contraceptives have been found to have less plasma and brain levels of tyrosine which results in a reduction in catecholamines, which affect mood. [17]. Oral consumption of tyrosine has, in some case, been shown to completely alleviate depression while increasing plasma tyrosine levels [18,19].  It has also been shown to help when MAO inhibitors did not [19].  In rat models vitamin C has enhanced the ability of tyrosine to decrease blood pressure [8,20].  Interestingly, “Tyrosine has been known to normalize blood pressure whether high or low. Tyrosine is being tested by the Air Force to enhance performance under stress” [21].

The body naturally produces tyrosine by converting it from phenylalanine [8].  “Compared with tyrosine which has a de novo synthesis component limited by phenylalanine oxidation, most nonessential amino acids have a very large de novo synthesis components because of the metabolic pathways they are involved in” [8].  This might explain why taking separate tyrosine is more helpful for many than taking other separate amino acids classified as nonessential—they can be made with much easier (with less restriction) than tyrosine can (tyrosine requires liver hydroxylation).

Sea Vegetables supply iodine and various trace minerals that the thyroid needs [10].

Vitamin B-6 forms have long been used to support the thyroid nutritionally [6].  It is sometimes used in products that are given to people who take synthetic thyroid medicines [6].

Vitamin B-12 deficiencies have been found in those with inadequate production of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) [9].

Zinc deficiency in humans can cause thyroid problems, alopecia, impotence, skin problems, immune deficiencies, increased susceptibility to infection/sore throats, night blindness, impaired taste, delayed wound healing, impaired appetite, photophobia (hypersensitivity to light), difficulty in dark adaptation, growth retardation, male infertility (low sperm counts), liver enlargement, and spleen enlargement [8,22].

Many people simply take Vegetarian Thyro as a Food supplement to help them feel better.

Nutrition from food, what a concept!



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Some of these studies (or citations) may not conform to peer review standards (though most do). Therefore, the results are not conclusive. Professionals can, and often do, come to different conclusions when reviewing scientific data. None of these statements have been reviewed by the FDA. All products distributed by Doctors’ Research, Inc. are nutritional and are not intended for the treatment or prevention of any medical condition.

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