Omnipotent God:

Before anything was created there was God. The world was spinning around empty, cold, and dark. But the Omnipotent God was there. He and the heavenly family were excited—God was about to create something beautiful out of this dark, void, nothingness. The word omnipotent, as it is used today, stems from the Latin word omnipotentem—omnis meaning “all” and potens meaning “powerful.” God is omnipotent—all powerful—therefore He can do anything and take care of any need that may arise. Are you stressed? Tired? Is your life void of meaning? Are you depressed, sick, or hurting? Look no further. Go to the Omnipotent (all powerful) God who created you and ask Him to help and heal you. You belong to His family and He cares about you! Before you were even born God had, and still has, a plan for your life.




Before anything there was the Creator God. Before you were even born God had and still has a plan for your life.