Garden Fresh Slow-Foods:

Plant based dishes high in fiber and nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet.

Meal includes your choice of entrée, vegetable, dessert, and beverage.

Full Meal: $20.00
Entrée Options $10.00

1. Yooper Grandpa’s Pasties

2. Garden fresh stir fry with brown or white rice and peanut sauce (optional) (GF available)

3. Home-made tortillas with fresh pinto beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and your choice of guacamole, pico-de Gallo, and/or cheese sauce (black bean chips or dehydrated vegie wraps are available to replace tortillas, if gluten free is desired)

4. Gluten free garden or oat burger with gluten free bun or rye, whole wheat, or white bun

5. Sloppy Joe with your choice of bun with choice of lettuce, onion tomato, and/or cheese

6. Pizza with your choice of vegan toppings (GF option available)

7. Veggie gluten steak with golden mushroom sauce

8. Cheese Ball extravaganza: Lentil cheese ball, Garlic and Herb cheese Ball and black bean dip served with organic crackers or chips.


Raw/Gluten Free/Allergy Free Meals available upon request


Vegetable Options $5.00

1. Potatoes (oven baked fries, boiled, or baked potatoes)

2. Vegetable tray with sour cream dip

3. Tossed salad or coleslaw

4. Other vegetables available according to season

5. Crisp onion rings (raw/dehydrated)


Choice of Dessert $5.00

1. Key lime pie (raw/GF)

2. Raspberry poppy seed cake (raw, GF)

3. Oil crust pie baked

4. Apple dumplings or GF baked apples

5. Banana popsicles (Raw/GF)

6. Tropical fruit salad (Raw/GF)

7. Brownies (Raw/GF)

8. Carob no bake cookies

9. Cherry Compote

10. Carob Mousse


Choices of Beverage $3.00 (water and herbal teas free)

1. Raspberry or blackberry coulis

2. Mocha Roma

3. Herbal teas

4. Milk (Almond, Soy, Rice or Dairy)

5. Smoothies

6. Water

7. Chia drink

8. Fresh juice of your choice