Food Research ProductsFood Research Products – Mission:

To enhance people’s lives and vitality by providing them with 100% natural and organic whole food supplements so they can live well, long, and strong and spend their time on the things that really matter in life.

Natural Selection.
Superior Whole Food Sources.

Food Research products are whole food nutrients as nature intended, meticulously tested for purity and potency. Unlike synthetic vitamins (nearly 99% of all vitamins on the market), Food Research supplements are more easily assimilated with naturally occurring digestive enzymes, amino acids and bioflavonoids.

Food Research Products Pledge to You

Food Research Products is deeply committed to our mission of enhancing our customers’ health and vitality so that our customers can stay committed to the things that are most important in their lives. To maintain our commitment, we make the following pledges:

  • To only provide products 100% made from food, which allows maximum absorption of benefits by the body
  • Our guarantee that the products available on our website will never contain pesticides, herbicides, synthetic preservatives, flavors or GMOs
  • And will never use gelatin for capsules (or anything else), porcine, shellfish, or USA-derived bovine in any products
  • Products will always be produced using environmentally friendly methods
  • Our standards will always be the highest in the industry and go through rigorous quality testing
  • We will always deliver an excellent experience for our customers that exceeds expectations through our site, our product, and the education.