Day 3: Garden Goodness:

Looking at Tuesday, the third day of creation week, Genesis 1:11 tells us that on this day the Creator made all the grass, herbs, fruit trees and basically anything that grows. I call these third day gifts Garden Goodness. He said in Genesis 1:29 that these plants, fruits and such, would be for our “meat.” This gift of plant-based foods was given long before anyone ever ate flesh meat as part of a necessity to the diet. There is such a beautiful array of wonderful plant-based foods that we can eat to sustain our health and happiness. Many of these foods, because of their nutrient and fiber content, can help us prevent or recover from illness such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Here at Creators Original Design Education (CODE) we enjoy exploring the world of herbs, and plant-based foods. Be ready for a whole world of garden goodness, and awesomeness!






On the third day of creation week the Creator made a wonderful variety of plant foods for us to use for our “meat” to sustain us and keep us healthy and happy.