Day 1: Rest and Restoration:

Have you ever thought about what really happened on the very first day (Sunday, as we know it) of creation week? Genesis 1:2 tells us that the Creator spoke and said, “…Let there be light…” Before anything was created on the earth, you will recall it was dark and void. There was water covering the whole planet. God speaks, and we see light appearing out of the darkness as He divides the day and night. Thus, creating the very first 24 hour day. The gift God gave us on this first day I call Rest and Restoration. During every 24 hour cycle, our natural time clock (science calls this the Circadian Rhythm) regulates our sleep time and wake time.

I do believe our loving Creator knew what we needed most when He gave us light and dark time on the first day. As we learn to practice getting into harmony with His scheduled time clock our body and mind will function at its optimum.



Our Creator in His great love and wisdom began the first day with a 24 hour time clock that has a dark time and a light time, this helps us to regulate our whole body. This has brought rest and restoration to us from that first day and forever after.