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Joel & Carina N.

Bed & Breakfast, CODE Team

You’re just the greatest! We felt very much at home, and the bathtub! Wow. I’m sold. Very peaceful place here, and looking forward to coming back. You just think of everything and your warm smile and cheery disposition just tops in all off. God shines out of your face. May He bless you and you work. Thank you!

Merci & Rick

Scenery , Bed & Breakfast

We feel revitalized after staying here—your wonderful breakfasts and dinners, the spa amenities and the beautiful, unspoiled outdoors in every direction. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Sharifur Robin

Bed & Breakfast, Catering, CODE Team

You were a wonderful host & your concept of organic based lifestyle is amazing. We loved your breakfast. You are the best host we have had till date & look forward to meeting you again.

Hemanlh A Suulh

Bed & Breakfast

This has been a truly wonderful and relaxing experience for us. You had made every attempt to make us feel warm and welcomed into this perfect vacation home. We feel lucky to have picked this home among quite a few listings that we had looked at. We would have loved to meet you personally to hear more about the wonderous world of naturopathic medicine from an excellent practitioner like you. We’d love to be back! Stay blessed!!!

Leiohi Wang

Scenery, Bed & Breakfast

We have never thought about living in such a wonderful place. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to listen to the birds singing in the morning.

Ye (James)

Bed & Breakfast

This is the life that I’ve been dreaming about. Thank you for hosting us in such a great cabin! Wish you have more customers coming in!


Spending time in the whirlpool tub is my favorite way to relax after a long day, and you just can't beat a good steam in the sauna.

Supriya Jalukar

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities, Treatments, Catering

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your place and thank you for your generosity and kindness. The Creator’s Design Cabin is a lovely place, and we immensely enjoyed exploring all that it had to offer. Breakfast in both days was delicious. Thank you for making the hot oatmeal & hot potatoes. The charcoal facemask was also a unique experience and my brother and parents loved the sauna. We also appreciate the travel tips you provided before our day of sightseeing. Overall, you exceeded our expectations & made our short stay delightful!

Bed & Breakfast

You have a wonderful place here in the U.P. This is dream house for everyone. We loved every single minute in this house and in here, I hope we come back again. We are wishing you happy and gorgeous days further.


Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

This place is very beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay. The sauna is very relaxing & staying away from the city noise, is an absolute gift we realized. You are an amazing host & very kind at heart.

Bhargavi E Jayesh

Bed & Breakfast

It was a wonderful stay at you cabin. We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for hosting us. We look forward to coming back, next summer. Wish all the best!!! 😊

Nancy Stewart

Bed & Breakfast, CODE Team

Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality. We enjoyed our short stay immensely. This cabin is a respite in a rushed world. Praying with you as God walks you through his plan.

Tim & Andrew

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

Thank you for your hospitality. Andrew and I had a great time exploring the UP. We enjoyed the peace & quiet of the cabin. I enjoyed the massage chair, using it a number of times. Andrew, enjoyed the walk-in tub. The cabin offered us everything we needed. I pray that your ministry prospers & is beneficial to all those it touches. Thank again.

Bed & Breakfast, CODE Team

You have got a wonderful place here. We loved staying here. And especially the breakfast and talking to you.

Leah, Nicole, Melissa <3

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

We absolutely love how relaxing & calm this space is. We feel so refreshed & centered after our stay. The sauna was fantastic after a week of rustic camping & hiking, as was the massage chair!! We are so impressed with everything offered for a fair price. XO

Craig, Marianne & Kevin

Bed & Breakfast, CODE Team, Amenities

We loved it here. Loved the massage chair. Ara was very nice and so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing you cabin.

Tim, Celia & Felicity

Bed & Breakfast, Catering

Thank you so much for a beautiful place to stay, a delicious breakfast and pleasant conversation! 😉 God bless!


Bed & Breakfast, Catering, CODE Team

We had a really great time & stay. Your hospitality put it over the top. Nice to know we have a very reliable, friendly and healthy option should we return.


Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

I had the fanciest shower this am ever. Whew! This home is awesome!

Charlie, Lily, Anna, Lauren

Bed & Breakfast, CODE Team, Amenities

It’s day 13 of our epic journey. 5 of us in a hybrid. We’ve logged over 2400 miles but it’s getting arduous. Morale is low, arguments about directions growing more frequent, and overuse of screen time and sullen silences runs rampant. The troops are losing faith… And then—Pauline and this welcome oasis! We’ve made ample use of all the amenities. So comfortable and relaxing I wish we could stay a week. But we push on home…work tomorrow. ☹

Neliswa + Acan

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

Thank you so much for everything! We had an amazing time, the luxurious amenities allowed us to completely relax and unwind, it was a crucial stop for out vacation!

Blessings in Christ, Larry and Denise Mckain & Marvin and Jo Mckain PS. Keylime pie delicious! Chia pudding as well!

Bed & Breakfast, Catering, CODE Team

Thank you for this brief, but delightful, respite from highways, traffic and crowds! Stepping into this peaceful place, dedicated to God’s glory, has been wonderful! We so much enjoyed the chance to hear some of your story. We pray His blessing and direction for your future decisions.

Jim, Cindy, Jacey & Chris

Bed & Breakfast

What a wonderful time we have enjoying your sanctuary! Thank you so much for your warmest, friendliest hospitality. We’ll definitely come back in the future—Thank you again <3

LH Family

Bed & Breakfast

Thank you for your hospitality and thoughtful considerations. We spent amazing time here. Thank you very much!

Lee & Vi, Tina & Justin

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

We enjoyed our short stay at your home. The peaceful backyard was just what we needed after a busy day. And that massage chair really works!

Aimee and Matt

Bed & Breakfast, Scenery, Amenities

Such a lovely remote, quiet place. Thank you for allowing us to stay. The massage chair was amazing after much walking!!

The Salminen girls

Bed & Breakfast, Treatments

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to stay here. We had an awesome time and hope to be back and take part in the services you offer.

Tiamry & Steve

Bed & Breakfast, CODE Team

Wow! Just wow! Steve and I were totally unprepared for the beauty, peacefulness and comfort of your place! Totally undersold! Although we only spent a few hours, we loved every minute. Thank you for the fabulous hospitality. I’m already planning another trip!!

Sarah, Nadine, Daniel & Fabian

Treatments, Bed & Breakfast

Thank you for this great time! We enjoyed the time here completely! We are relaxed and full of new energy. Unfortunately, we planned only one night, we should have planned a longer stay. Thanks for everything!

Muriel & Dennis

Bed & Breakfast, Scenery, Catering, CODE Team

Thank you for sharing your bright and relaxing space! I especially enjoyed watching the birds at the bird feeder, the chipmunk and squirrels searching for fallen seeds and the bumble bees on the flowers in the lower bathroom window area while a brushed my teeth. Thank you for your generosity, and the pudding was delicious! Ara was a ray of sunshine as well!

Madison + Jessica Stoker

Bed & Breakfast

Thank you so much for sharing your truly divine hideaway with us this weekend. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more picture perfect, halcyon sanctuary to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. What you have here is very special & we truly believe the best is yet to come. We are so grateful for your hospitality & generosity: see you again soon, God bless.

Beth & Chris Hembook

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities

Our entire experience here was a delight!! Love the woods setting. Your unique & lovely home the thoughtful amenities you left for us. Thoroughly enjoyed the wood fired sauna & massage chair. Blankets, pillows, rooms…all so very comfy. Don’t want to leave! Thank you so much for providing so graciously, such a wonderful respite from all the busy in our lives!

Debbie Wicks and my son Dane

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities, Scenery

What a wonderful place you have here. Even though most of our time was visiting our children at NMU it was an amazing treat to sit in the sauna and massage chair to relax. Beautiful sweet nature to de-stress.

Bed & Breakfast

Thank you for such a awesome cabin! 😊 We really enjoy the time here! It is a warm home for our road trip.

Silke and Alf

Bed & Breakfast, Amenities, CODE Team

Thank you for allowing us to stay in your beautiful cabin. We had an awesome time and hope to be back soon. The sauna was fantastic and we really enjoyed the massage chair! Wesley was really nice and helpful.