CODE for Life Classes :

All available classes compliment studies provided by IIOM. Learn the practical uses of natural medicine and healthy kitchen skills through educational hands-on experiences. We offer individual private classes or group classes.

Spend an hour, a day, or a week with us learning simple home remedies to sustain you through the cold winter months and protect you during hot summer day.

Private Class-$20/hour
Group $10/ hour per person

  • Allergies Made Simple (a class based on Dr Agatha’s book and Dr. Pauline’s experience)
  • Plant Identification (Identifying the helpful herbs around your home/Using resources available/Precautions with plant use)
  • Herbs as Remedies (How to make a poultice, tincture, essential, or paste/harvesting/uses)
  • Pyrrole Disorder
  • Importance of Vitamin D

Kitchen Skills Classes

  • Plant-based Cooking
  • Fundamentals of Raw Lining
  • Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts
  • Knife Skills in the Kitchen

Telomere Lengthening Remedy Classes*

  • Biblical Meditation Therapy
  • Nature’s Flu Shot
  • Charcoal Wrap
  • Comfrey Wrap
  • Vinegar Healing
  • Natural Antibiotics
  • Cayenne to Stop Bleeding
  • Black Walnut Healing


*What are telomeres? Telomeres are attachments on the ends of our chromosomes that protect our DNA by preventing biological aging. (More details)

Plant-based foods, exercises, stress management, and social support are all potential guards against premature telomere fragmenting. Learn simple home remedies that you can use on a stressful day or whenever you just need a pick-me-up.