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Christian Lifestyle ConsultationConsultation with Dr. Pauline


Experience is the best teacher. I am a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. I have taken a fair amount of studies at the local college, Arizona State, IIOM, Living Light Culinary Institute and have visited many Lifestyle centers taking in quite a few hands-on courses. All of which have helped me to become who I am today. However, my personal studies of the Creator God, His creative power, and the years of experience as a mother and care giver for my loved ones, these practical life experiences are truly the best teachers. Jesus was the Greatest Physician and He is always wanting us to draw closer to Him so He can show us the why’s and how’s of life. It never ceases to amaze me how simple things can have such a profound effect on our body, mind and heart.


Take for example, my middle daughter when she was just a few months old. we were constantly rushing her to the doctor with terrible congestion in her lungs. Not a few of these times she ended up in the hospital for several days in very serious condition. On one of these trips to the doctor my husband and I were talking about this problem, he realized we were most of the time ending up paying for an emergency room visit because this always seemed to happened on a Friday night after office hours. Because of this discussion with my husband, I then began to question the idea that she may have an allergy or something related to an allergy reaction because of the pattern. This thought led me to ask the doctor if her congestion and asthma-like symptoms could be allergy related. He simply said, “It is possible, watch for a pattern.” When he said the word “pattern” my husband and I immediately looked at each other. We knew there was a pattern. When we got back home we watched for a relation between the symptoms and the time factor. Working from cause to affect, we soon realized that when I’d vacuum on Thursday or Friday, she would begin to get congested. It wasn’t difficult after paying attention to this pattern to see she was very sensitive to dust and cat dander.


As we observed her a bit more carefully , we realized the use of dairy products would cause her to become congested even more. Thus, the combination of the dust and dairy were the culprits in the whole scenario. I kept her away from the vacuuming and removed the dairy products from her diet. That was the end of all the after hour emergency room visits. The end of medications that suppressed her appetite causing her to be extremely lethargic. The end of miserable nights of not knowing if shed even make it through that night.


Even though she is still sensitive to dairy and dust, she has been taught the tools to deal with the problem.


This is just an example of many situations where I have learned to work from cause to effect, allowing the body to find its way back to homeostasis (balance) so healing can happen.


I am committed to help you learn how to prevent unnecessary health problems, find answers to those that you may be already dealing with. CODE For Life is here to encourage you to find peace and comfort in the midst of frustration and unrest of health or other crisis.


My focus:

  • I doctor as a teacher. The Creator, nature, experience, along with education are my teachers.
  • I work from cause to find out the effect.
  • I treat the whole person
  • I work hard to build up your immune system by applying the gifts of nature through Rest & Restoration, water & air treatments, phyto nutrients found in your plant-based foods, sunshine, an attitude of gratitude, exercise and temperance, along with spiritual rest.
  • I focus on prevention
  • I do not prescribe or diagnose
  • I respect allopathic medicine and do not pretend or profess their profession, I am a doctor (teacher) of the natural ways of nature. If I feel a situation is out of my sphere, I encourage clients to look to someone with the expertise needed for their situation.
  • Lastly, I am a strong believer in the Creator God who loves us individually and has provided gifts of healing in nature. We were created for His glory and in His image. He had a plan for each of us before we were even born.