Some of my greatest testimonies have developed from natural healing alongside wise allopathic doctors advise or instrumentalities. Please never get the idea that I am against traditional medicine. Countless amazing medical personnel often perform miracles late at night or after exhausting hours of labor when most of us are tucked cozily into dream land, never in our wildest dreams doing or dealing with the likes of it. Here are a few of my own experiences:

Charlotte’s Encouragement

My sister Charlotte was an amazing RN—always on call, always loving, caring and visiting family and friends. She helped me through so many dilemmas. Here are just a few simple recollections. I remember her reassurance when my little girl fell on the cement stairs and gashed her head open. I held her against my chest, panicking, afraid to even look at the wound because she was bleeding so profusely. Char reassured me that the head bleeds a lot and it was most likely not as bad as I thought. This was true and it was a relief to me that she was there to help.

Char was always a beachhead to so many changes and improvements. She was the often the one who encouraged me forward. Unfortunately, she was also the one who came down with the deathly Glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumor. True to character, however, her suffering did not stop her from visiting and reassuring those she loved. She also began researching the reasons for cancer. Three areas caught her attention and kept her focused while she was sick—parasites, cell phones, and aspartame diet drinks in relationship to cancer. Her quest for knowledge has led me on to discover a whole new world of awareness as to how these and other seemingly harmless things in our lives and environment can be catastrophic to our health and wellbeing.

Char came home and helped my mom when she was first having heart problems. She made sure she got the right testing done which included stress testing. With a lot of encouragement on Chars part, mom changed doctors. This started her on a better recovery plan, exercise, and the right meds. They also began to watch her more closely. This all helped in the beginning to an amazing turn around in her health.

Even though mom had become vegetarian she still ate a number of dairy products and eggs. Concerned by her diet, I invited her to come stay at my house for one month. I promised I would devote that month to giving her a totally plant-based, cholesterol free diet, daily doses of garlic, and the sparse use of olive oil for her only refined fat. Mom wasn’t quite convinced my plan was a good idea. Shortly after I had extended this invitation Mom had a dye test of her veins. We were sorely disappointed with the test results. The doctor told her that her veins were so blocked with plaque that there was nothing more they could do for her. This was essentially a death sentence. Contrary to the doctor’s prediction, however, this test probably extended her life for almost 10 years because it prompted her to make immediate changes. With Dad’s and my encouragement, Mom came directly to my house to stay for a month. She could hardly walk at this point, but she had a strong will to live. She would walk (with assistance) around the little apartment every day and faithfully eat the zero-cholesterol, plant-based meals I served her. One afternoon I was talking with my next-door neighbor, when something caught her gaze outside the window. With great surprise she told me to to look out the window. There was Mom, walking very confidently down the woodland path from my house to the neighbor’s. It had only been two weeks since we had implemented the lifestyle changes! Mom and Dad were so excited that they went immediately went home to incorporate these changes in their home. Mom lived to be 89 years old and was alive to celebrate their 70th anniversary!

Angels of Empathy in the ER

My husband ended up in the Emergency Room with ruptured intestines. He quickly went into septic shock and needed emergency surgery. I will never forget the staff at that hospital. As we were waiting in the emergency room he was screaming in pain and vomiting into a urinal that I was holding while prayerfully trying to remain calm. The ER nurse reassured us he was doing all he could to hurry us along. He taught Ron breathing exercises, like the ones they teach a mother when giving birth. These breathing techniques helped Ron calm down enough so they could get him in for an MRI. The speed at which they got him to the prep room, keeping a close eye on his vitals, told them he had to go in now. I will never forget the way the doctor came up and got the nasal tube into his nose (his nose had been broken in the past in both directions). I can still remember how this same doctor wheeled him gracefully down to the operating room.

I will never forget the surgeon that performed Ron’s emergency surgery. After the operation, when they call your name and lead you into that little cubical room, you know it’s not good news—but the moment I got in there, before I even sat down, I knew this doctor was fully confident and that he had done all he could. He had a big smile on his face, greeted me and told me the facts. Ron had 10% chance of making it through this physical trauma. The quicker he responded the better chance he had of full mental and physical recovery. He would be in ICU for about a month. He further stated that Ron was remarkably strong through it all, even though they had almost lost him in the process.

Ron responded within days. The surgeon was acting nearly as excited as I was—behaving like a child discovering a new challenge. When Ron was out of the ICU within seven days this same doctor near danced around Ron’s bed, commenting how pleased he was that he was doing so well. Did I mention the ICU nurse that would not hardly leave Ron’s side for the first few days, shaved him, played music for him and treated him like he was his best buddy?

I Believe in Modern Medicine

I have taken the time to share these experiences with you because I want you to know that I believe in our modern medicine. These people save many lives. God has given them all kinds of talents and wonderful modern technology. In the same manner, we must have our eyes open to see that there is a lot of wrong in the system and drugs that are used too loosely. However, many of these people are very devoted to you and are truly working beyond the call of duty to help and heal. When your doctor is trying to encourage you to take care of yourself, when he is being frank with you about the condition of your heart, your sugar level, or your obesity, pay attention. A good and attentive doctor will direct you to some program or counseling to deal with these issues and not just advise you to take another pill. The biggest responsibility should be on you as a steward of your body to work with your doctor and those trying to help you. Don’t wait another moment to put your money where your health is!